Website Promotion (SEO)

Internet marketing is an activity that helps you to promote your products and services online. It plays a very important role in getting huge amount of traffic through search engines. Internet marketing helps you to increase online traffic directed towards your websites and convert clicks into sales, this may help you to increase your productivity and brand visibility online.

web30canada makes it easy for your website to appear at the top rankings of the major search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. When queried about a particular subject or product, the search engines will reveal all the websites it has in its database. If your web site happens to fall into the requested search category, your website will also be listed and this is called your website ranking. Any changes made on your site to make it more understandable by a search engine are considered "optimizing your site for search engines.

Our technique is painstaking diligence, taking advantage of every possible method for positioning, rather than relying on any spam tricks. Our whole back ground comes from web design and software development so we can handle any type of website with ease. We can handle any sort of sites which are programmed in PHP, ASP, all html extensions etc.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media sites are now an important part of SEO. Many search engines display social media results on their front pages such as Twitter, Facebook and blog posts. It is also very likely that major search engines will soon start evaluating social media content in their ranking algorithms if they haven't already. web30canada always stays one step ahead of the search engines and implements techniques to help clients with future rankings. However, we normally will include various social media marketing services as part of our SEO packages such as social media profile creations, updates, blog design and posting service and social bookmarking services.

Blog Marketing - Web logging or blogging involves being an active participant in the blogging communities related to your sector or industry. Blog Marketing is a very effective way to make your presence feel in the online market and create your brand identity.

Forum Marketing - Forum Marketing involves posting opinions in forums of different websites and thus making your presence feel. SEO RANK SMART helps you in making your website a part of Internet world's most live forums which allows you to capitalize on your niche topic and market. Thus helps you to exceed your competitors.

Pay Per Click (PPC )

Pay per click is again another prominent advertising model to attract customers to your website. It is the right usage of keywords and themes, with the payment solely based on the clicks by the viewers. PPC Services are very attractive and provide more information about that particular product or service when clicked upon. It brings relevant and immediate traffic to your site. Your website can have a stable traffic by using pay-per-click management service and there is also a high probability for an increased traffic during the relevant seasons.

web30canada brings you a perfect pay per click management campaign. It is an online advertising model and the company pays only when their ad is clicked on its host site. web30canada handles everything for you so you can focus on building your business and service your customers.